"I was born a tiny old lady in Georgia. My first favorite song was 'Wooly Bully' and I danced like crazy in our basement. I took piano lessons as a kid, and sang in school and church choirs. My first solo vocal performance was in grade 11, Brenda Lee's 'Break It To Me Gently'.

After high school, I studied voice with Susan Lincoln. She's a beautiful soul found in Austin, Texas.

I graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston and joined my first band, Groovasaurus.

These days I sing every day, teach private and group voice lessons, perform occasionally, and write songs once in a blue moon. I live happily with my boopie and our cats."


Cheekus, Groovasaurus

High Fidelity Adventure, Groovasaurus

Hot Horny Amateurs, Groovasaurus

Redland, Anita Suhanin & David Goodrich

Home, Brian Templeton

Back Home, Tim Gearan

Ten Thousand Mornings, Peter Mulvey

Five-Thirty A.M., Peter Mulvey

Train Home, Chris Smither

Kitchen Radio, Peter Mulvey

Probably Human, Noam Weinstein

Stripping Cane, Jeffrey Foucault

Trouble Wheels, Tim Gearan

Leave the Light On, Chris Smither

Midnight Swim, Anita Suhanin & Steve Sadler 

Nine Days Wonder, Peter Mulvey 

To Know You is to Love You, Anita Suhanin & Tyler Wood

What I Learned in School, Chris Smither

Hundred Dollar Valentine, Chris Smither 

Chaser, Peter Mulvey

Dream Girl, Juliet Simmons Dinallo

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